When we examine the root of our stress, we find that we are either fearful of losing someone, losing something, stepping into the unknown, experiencing unwanted change, failing at a high stakes challenge, or something else that is weighing on us consciously or subconsciously.

Fear of something is at the root of our stress.

When we take the time to examine our stressful thoughts, identify the emotions attached to them, and pinpoint our fears, we can nail the very thing holding us back, deal with it, and start moving in the right direction again.


Remember...the root of all stress is fear.


Are you feeling stressed?

What fear is hiding just under the surface?

What is your next step in dealing with that fear?

If you don’t know your next step and need some help with strategy and accountability, reach out to me or a coach/mentor you trust will be honest and direct in helping guide you.

If you do know your next step, why not take it right now? Before moving on with your day, take your next best step to conquer that fear, release that stressor, and get started again.

Don’t let fear win. I believe in you!

Brenda Harkins is a believer in impossible possibilities. In brokenness becoming beautiful. In justice and mercy and honor and power – with love perfecting them all. As a Speaker, Author, Mediator, and Professional Coach, Brenda is highly focused on the power of communication. Her confidence, clarity, and courage to transform challenges into victories were the catalyst for creating Loud Is Not A Language®, a communication model that is actually a challenge to transform you. Become more you. Building strong, resilient, respectful relationships at the same time.



The book, "Loud Is Not A Language: Blueprints for Building Healthy and Effective Communications" by Brenda Harkins, is coming soon!


I’m so excited to share that my latest book, Loud Is Not A Language: Blueprints for Building Healthy and Effective Communications, will be available for preorder soon!

This thought framework will help you communicate more effectively and build better quality relationships! It’s a game changer!

More information will be forthcoming!