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A thought framework for communicating more effectively and building better quality relationships!


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Loud Is Not A Language by Brenda Cox Harkins - book cover
Loud Is Not A Language® by Brenda Harkins - front cover of book

Communicate for better relationships and influence.

Loud Is Not A Language® is a thought framework designed to increase the effectiveness of our communication, the quality of our relationships, and the authenticity of our influence.

With an emphasis on genuine care and respect for others, Loud Is Not A Language® creates emotionally safe environments to express our differences, resulting in constructive ways to move forward.

Loud Is Not A Language® is a different way of thinking, communicating, and living that challenges the human need to prove we are right, and leaves the door open for more impactful interactions.

Loud Is Not A Language by Brenda Cox Harkins available at Amazon Loud Is Not A Language by Brenda Cox Harkins available at Barnes & Noble

If we want to be understood, we must listen to understand. ~ Brenda Harkins @LoudIsNotALanguage


Michael McIntyre, Next Level Experience

Michael McIntyre

Next Level Experience

“Loud is Not a Language is an outstanding book that will make a huge difference in the market place.”

Jennifer Schramm, Entrepreneur

Jennifer Schramm


“Brenda is a thought leader for today and I know that Loud is Not a Language has the power to change an entire culture!”

Dr. Kim Vastine, Author and Speaker

Dr. Kim Vastine

Author and Speaker

“This book is both challenging and profound…practical and understandable for all readers.”

Rob Moga, Operations Professional

Rob Moga

Operations Professional

“A must-read for anyone who aims for clear communication.”


Brenda Harkins, founder

About Brenda Harkins

Brenda Cox Harkins is an author, speaker, mediator, minister, and professional coach specializing in personal, relational, conflict, and leadership transformation. She is the Creator of the Loud is Not a Language® thought framework and Founder/President of Harkins Leadership Group.

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