One Teen for Every Team©

One Teen for Every Team© is how we partner with our clients to give back to some amazing lives in our community.

How Does It Work?

For every team we coach, consult, or train, we will invest in the life of a teen either:

  • close to aging out of the foster care system in Texas
  • in need of a mentor for future success
  • needing a second chance

That investment includes:

  • building a trusted relationship with a mentor
  • assessing their natural talents
  • ongoing coaching to grow those talents into strengths
  • providing career coaching
  • helping them become their very own VIP. (A Very Important Person? Yes. But more. A person with a strong and sure Voice, Identity, and Purpose.)
VIP = Voice, Identity, Purpose

What Does That Mean?

In Texas alone, each year 1200 young people are released into adulthood from the foster care system.

Add to that number the young people who are homeless, leaving detention centers, or are without healthy relational support for a number of reasons.

When you think of the personal impact that has on their identity alone, it is overwhelming.

When you think of the need for trusted relationships and supportive community, this need can’t be ignored.

These young people need family.

We have found a way, one teen at a time, to make a difference.

We step into creating, or assisting, their supportive community.

We build relationships on foundations of trust.

We adventure with them into the discovery of their amazing strengths, goals, and purposes.

We remain a relational and coaching support for their journey ahead.

As our client, not only do you get to SHARE in the joy of making these significant differences…
you are the REASON we can make these differences.

From every life impacted…ours and theirs,
Thank you!

Brenda Cox Harkins
Founder/President, Harkins Leadership Group