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Loud Is Not A Language® Training, Workshops, and Coaching

Loud Is Not A Language®

LOUD is much more than volume. LOUD is an attitude. People don’t respond well to LOUD. In order to be understood, we must listen to understand. Without that, we don’t truly influence anyone.

Loud Is Not A Language® Coaching, Workshops and Training help people increase the impact of their influence, the quality of their relationships and the effectiveness of their communication. Authentically. Respectfully. Powerfully. Reach out to discuss various options that would fit your needs.


Coaching - Begin today!

Coaching provides direction and accountability for moving forward. Utilizing the Loud Is Not A Language® model, we specialize in Communication and Conflict Coaching, along with Personal, Relationship, and Leadership Development. We offer 1, 2, or 3-month packages. Curious as to whether your needs are a fit? Explore your options here.

Coaching - Begin today!

Strengths Workshops

Strengths Workshops

Turn your talents into strengths and utilize them for your success both personally and professionally. Understand and appreciate the differences in those around you, reduce stress and conflict, and explore the untapped competitive advantage within you and/or your team. We use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths® assessment within the CoreClarity® framework.

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Goliath showing up doesn't make it a bad day. Just a day for life-altering changes. Johnny Enlow

Very Important Person? Yes, but we are talking about more. Voice. Identity. Purpose. Your Voice is what you have been through, that you can now speak to. Your Identity is who you are at your core with your personality, talents, strengths, natural and spiritual gifts. Your Purpose is what you are meant to DO with your Voice and Identity. Nobody but you can be you. We need you.

Goliath showing up doesn't make it a bad day. Just a day for life-altering changes. Johnny Enlow

Unstoppable Teams

Unstoppable Teams

The best teams value and utilize each person’s talents, strengths and skill sets to work together toward a common goal. When mined like gold, the combined differences (which may have previously been stressful) become treasures that bring a competitive advantage to the team. Whether your team is your family, business, or ministry, knowing, understanding, and appreciating those unique contributions make your team unstoppable. Invest in your team. Reduce stress and conflict. Increase capacity. Benefit from each other’s differences.

“Working with Brenda, we were able to take a holistic look at the strengths of our team. This helped us pinpoint and refine our message of where we excelled and identified areas where we had a gap to help direct our future hires. Providing us with team self-awareness has helped us deliver stronger messages about our capabilities and build customer loyalty.”

-Tim C., IT Director

“You coached me in such a way that I felt good about the process, the outcome and about myself.”

-Louise P., Human Resources Professional

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This assessment will help you determine some areas where you:

  • are doing well
  • could improve
  • may have some blind spots

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