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Loud Is Not A Language®

LOUD is much more than volume. LOUD is an attitude. People don’t respond well to LOUD. In order to be understood, we must listen to understand. Without that, we don’t truly influence anyone.

Loud Is Not A Language® Coaching, Workshops and Training help people increase the impact of their influence, the quality of their relationships and the effectiveness of their communication. Authentically. Respectfully. Powerfully. Reach out to discuss various options that would fit your needs.


Coaching - Begin today!

Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about your next steps in life? Our coaching services are here to provide you with the guidance, support, and accountability you need to move forward and reach your goals.

Using our Loud Is Not A Language model, we specialize in Communication and Conflict Coaching, helping you improve your communication skills and navigate difficult conversations. We also offer Personal Relationship and Leadership Development coaching, empowering you to build strong relationships and become a confident leader.

But our coaching goes beyond just practical skills. We believe in the power of connecting deeply with God and understanding your unique design. By doing so, you will gain the confidence and clarity needed to live out your purpose on purpose.

Coaching - Begin today!

Strengths Workshops

Relational Leadership Groups: Strength Training

Turn your talents into strengths and utilize them for your success both personally and professionally. Understand and appreciate the differences in those around you, reduce stress and conflict, and explore the untapped collaborative advantage within you and/or your team. We use Gallup’s CliftonStrengths® assessment within the CoreClarity® framework.


Brenda Harkins at a speaking engagement

I would love to share with your group or organization how the Loud Is Not A Language thought framework builds foundations of trust while reducing stress and anxiety, accelerating the impact of your influence, raising the quality of your relationships, and increasing communication effectiveness. You can book me for speaking, workshops, or retreats by reaching out to me on my contact page.

Brenda Harkins at a speaking engagement

“Working with Brenda, we were able to take a holistic look at the strengths of our team. This helped us pinpoint and refine our message of where we excelled and identified areas where we had a gap to help direct our future hires. Providing us with team self-awareness has helped us deliver stronger messages about our capabilities and build customer loyalty.”

-Tim C., IT Director

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How do others receive what you say?
Are you a good listener?
Do others feel confident sharing with you?
Do you communicate in a way that others want to hear?

This assessment will help you determine some areas where you:

  • are doing well
  • could improve
  • may have some blind spots


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