What are People Saying?

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What are the benefits?

“Working with Brenda, we were able to take a holistic look at the strengths of our team. This helped us pinpoint and refine our message of where we excelled and identified areas where we had a gap to help direct our future hires. Providing us with team self-awareness has helped us deliver stronger messages about our capabilities and build customer loyalty.”

-Tim C., IT Director

“You coached me in such a way that I felt good about the process, the outcome and about myself.

-Louise P., Human Resources Professional

“Specifically, in one of our meetings where we discussed a problem with some who were ineffective in their positions, she was able to help us understand what the position required and the type of person that would function best there. It was an incredible piece of wisdom that impacted us all.”

-Trudy Bangs, President, Christian Ambassadors

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How do others receive what you say?
Are you a good listener?
Do others feel confident sharing with you?
Do you communicate in a way that others want to hear?

This assessment will help you determine some areas where you:

  • are doing well
  • could improve
  • may have some blind spots


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