There is so much negativity in our world today.
How often do we hear that?
I don’t know about you, but I hear it daily.
But what about positivity? Do we ever hear people say…
There is so much positivity in our world today.
I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard that one yet.

What if we chose to hear the positive?

To help others hear it, too?

This summer has been riddled with heat. Nobody would disagree with that.
What’s interesting is the different perspectives on the effects of heat.

One article I read states that all kinds of negative conditions are associated with hot days, including dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, kidney problems, skin infections, and even preterm births.

Funny thing is, another article shares the positive effects of heat on the body. Apparently heat can be good for cognition and metabolism. Benefits range from enhanced brain function, to control of cortisol, to improved metabolic health which can help with obesity, to even positive effects on mental health.

Now… I am not a scientist, but I suspect both articles express accurate facts.

That doesn’t mean they express the whole truth.

Just like most people’s opinions.

We can have facts without having the whole truth.

If we could only remember that when we are in heated conversations with people who don’t understand our perspectives or actions…and we don’t understand theirs.

Loud is not a language. Arguing about viewpoints doesn’t move the needle.
What CAN make a difference is the recognition that there are factual elements in even those things with which we disagree.

People’s perspectives aren’t the enemy.

They are just how others’ journeys through life have bent them to see the world.

Let’s try to remember that when it matters most – when we are dealing with other people, their unique journeys, and their different perspectives gained through the lens of their personal beliefs about their one-of-a-kind life experiences.

Life is short.

Don’t get stuck on your facts.

Look for the whole truth.

Enjoy the journey!


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