It has been said that poor communication is the #1 cause of conflict. Let me clarify. I have said multiple times that poor communication is the #1 cause of conflict.

But is it really?

It makes sense that it could be. When we don’t communicate well, when we come across as accusatory, when we use too many “you” statements and not enough “I” statements, when we talk over others, and when we don’t listen well…these are all potential conflict starters. In combination they are probable conflict starters. But I had a thought the other day. One that made me go a little deeper.

If everyone communicated well, would it eliminate conflict?

Think about it. If everyone in the world learned good communication skills, would conflict cease? And the answer is an obvious no. Poor communication may be a cause of conflict. But it is certainly not the #1 cause of conflict.

I wonder what is?

That was my next question. And I realized that what is inside of us, the ideas, beliefs, judgments, opinions, perspectives, etc… THOSE things are the #1 cause of conflict. I even realized some ancient wisdom in the book of James…

“What is the cause of your conflicts and quarrels with each other? Doesn’t the battle begin inside of you as you fight to have your own way and fulfill your own desires?”

And when I saw this, it confirmed what I had just realized. WHAT we say and WHY we say it carries even more weight than HOW we say it.

Communication skills are good. They help reduce conflict. I believe in their importance.

But all the good communication skills in the world won’t eliminate the conflict that is born from polluted thoughts pouring out of skillful lips.

I am looking inside. Seeing what pollution might have been invited in. Or snuck in. Because I want to deal with it. Get my thoughts cleaned up. So I can champion those things beyond me in need of repair.

Will you join me?



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