People ask what is meant by “loud” in the LINAL® (Loud Is Not A Language®) communication framework because obviously there are times when volume is necessary. I understand the confusion. Especially since we generally assume loud only relates to volume. It is more than volume in the LINAL® framework.

Loud is partially volume, but so much more than that. Loud is also attitude that creates uncomfortable and even emotionally unsafe environments for sharing differences of opinion. It can express itself overtly with aggression, and sometimes arrogance, or covertly as passive aggression, which is more felt than heard.

Loud builds walls that keep it from hearing the perspectives of others. It is aggressively verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical. People default to loud when they believe they are right and are determined to have the upper hand.

The LINAL® framework was designed for people to be able to have higher quality communication, relationships, and influence. The focus is on honoring people, even in their differences, and creating emotionally safe environments for producing dynamic, constructive, and advantageous relationships. These types of relationships create space to discover great solutions for the problems we face today.

For those of you who have enjoyed healthy collaboration, you understand how important it is for stirring up the creativity needed for developing much needed solutions. This framework brings honor into every conversation, and in this crazy world we live in with more problems popping up every day, the safety of this honoring environment makes collaboration a joy.

It is my mission to help our world discover a better way to communicate, so if you are interested in learning more or would like to have me come and speak to your organization or group, I would love to hear from you! I can be reached at or (682) 553-4211.

With confidence in a better way…



Brenda Harkins is a believer in impossible possibilities. In brokenness becoming beautiful. In justice and mercy and honor and power – with love perfecting them all. As a Speaker, Author, Mediator, and Professional Coach, Brenda is highly focused on the power of communication. Her confidence, clarity, and courage to transform challenges into victories were the catalyst for creating Loud Is Not A Language®, a communication model that is actually a challenge to transform you. Become more you. Building strong, resilient, respectful relationships at the same time.