Being a Leader Others Trust and Follow

Being a Leader Others Trust and Follow

Leadership lessons abound, as do opinions about what great leaders look like. What makes a leader trustworthy? Why do people choose to follow the leaders they do? Do people willingly align with you? Do they choose to follow you? Are you able to communicate a compelling vision with clarity? Answer these questions and more as you utilize this tool to develop the leader inside of you by learning:

  • Two Musts of Leadership
  • Three Keys to Identifying a Great Leader
  • The Vital Component of Trust

What Can You Achieve with These Keys?

Three Keys That Identify A Great Leader are important keys we need to learn to utilize wisely, diligently and consistently. These keys unlock knowledge, vision and influence. They teach you:

  • WHERE a leader is going – VISION
  • WHY a leader is going there – PURPOSE
  • HOW a leader gets others there – HONOR


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